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SWANS - "Cop" (1984)

New York City, NY
Industrial/No Wave

This is the second full-length by the almighty Swans. I can't even begin to try and attempt to describe how fucked up this band was or how insanely loud and heavy they were, especially for their time. Few bands, if any, can or will ever come close to achieving this sort of greatness. This is essential lisening.

A1 Half Life 4:18
A2 Job 4:46
A3 Why Hide 5:50
A4 Clay Man 5:05
B1 Your Property 4:48
B2 Cop 6:47
B3 Butcher 4:02
B4 Thug 5:12

More from Swans:
"Swans" (1982)
"Filth" (1983)

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