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SPK - "Leichenschrei" (1982)

Sydney, Australia

Third album by one of the early industrial scene's best. They have a more mechanical, beat driven sound on this record as opposed the harsh noise on Information Overload Unit. But don't let that fool you, they're still as noisy and destructive as ever.

1 Genetic Transmission 3:17
2 Post-Mortem 2:24
3 Desolation 1:18
4 Napalm (Terminal Patient) 2:39
5 Cry From the Sanatorium 2:26
6 Baby Blue Eyes 2:38
7 Israel 2:46
8 Internal Bleeding 1:46
9 Chamber Music 3:27
10 Despair 4:45
11 The Agony of the Plasma 3:03
12 Day of Pigs 4:18
13 Wars of Islam 4:32
14 Maladia Europa (The European Sickness) 3:50

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