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SONIC YOUTH - "Sonic Youth" (1982)

New York City, NY
No Wave/Post-Punk/Noise Rock

While this may not be my favorite release by Sonic Youth (not to say that it's bad at all, or that I can even pick what my favorite record of theirs is anyhow) it's still an important piece of their discography, particurally being that it's the start of it. Sonic Youth's sound on this record is somewhat different than that of their other early releases like Confusion is Sex and the Kill Yr Idols EP, and is more along the lines of other no wave acts such as Teenage Jesus & The Jerks or DNA. Kim Gordon's vocals sound exactly the same as they have throughout the years though. This is definitely a must have for fans of the early no wave scene.

A1 The Burning Spear 3:28
A2 I Dreamed I Dream 5:19
A3 She Is Not Alone 4:07
B1 I Don't Want to Push It 3:36
B2 The Good and the Bad 7:55

Recommended listening:
DNA - "A Taste of DNA" (1981)
MARS - "78+" (1996)

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