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THE NIHILIST SPASM BAND - "No Record" (1968)

London, ON, Canada

The Nihilist Spasm Band is a noise/avant-garde collective composed of several artists in and around London, Ontario. While classified as being a noise band, they are not at all like other "typical" noise artists such as Whitehouse or Merzbow. Most of their instruments are homemade, being original designs by the members of the group, or modifications of other struments. The members typically do not tune their instruments to the others' and are encouraged to improvise. It's more of an audio modern art piece than what is commonly refered to as "music". Destroooooy the nations!!!

1 Destroy the Nations 8:18
2 When in London Sleep at the York Hotel 4:58
3 The Byron Bog 11:19
4 Dog Face Man 7:55
5 Oh Brian Dibb 4:36
6 Destroy the Nations Again 12:50

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, this looks really cool. I'll let you know what I think after a few listens. Do you have anything els that is in a similar vein?