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HÜSKER DÜ - "Land Speed Record" (1982)

St. Paul, MN

If you're familiar with Hüsker Dü's later output from Zen Arcade through Warehouse this record is not what you're going to expect. This is raw, fast, and totally insane midwest hardcore the way it's supposed to be. Fans of Negative Approach and the Fix will really appreciate this. Fans of those bands have probably already heard this though. Whatever, get into it.

A1 All Tensed Up 2:02
A2 Don't Try to Call 1:30
A3 I'm Not Interested 1:31
A4 Guns at My School 0:55
A5 Push the Button 1:48
A6 Gilligan's Island 1:23
A7 MTC 1:09
A8 Don't Have a Life 2:09
B1 Bricklayer 0:53
B2 Tired of Doing Things 0:58
B3 You're Naïve 0:53
B4 Strange Week 0:57
B5 Do the Bee 1:49
B6 Big Sky 0:57
B7 Ultracore 0:47
B8 Let's Go Die 1:26
B9 Data Control 5:28

Recommended listening:
MINUTEMEN - "The Punch Line" (1981)
BUTTHOLE SURFERS - "Butthole Surfers" (1983)


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