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CRASS - "Penis Envy" (1981)

Epping, Essex, England

This is the third record by Crass and a lot of people say it's their best, and it very well could be, but that's a rather bold statement. For all intents and purposes, being forced to actually pick a favorite Crass record is like being given the choice of losing either both your legs or both your arms. I'd rather just answer with: "Do I really have to choose?" That said, this album is fucking fantastic just like every other Crass record. I do like that the album is more of a concept album than their other releases, heavily revolving around feminism and other sexually related themes. Plus, Eve really shines through on here, and I've always really loved her voice. If you've never heard Crass before, this is a perfectly good place to start. But there's nothing wrong with starting elsewhere. I really love Crass.

A1 Bata Motel 3:30
A2 Systematic Death 3:57
A3 Poison in a Pretty Pill 3:39
A4 What the Fuck 6:43
B1 Where Next Columbus 3:10
B2 Berkertex Bribe 3:21
B3 Smother Love 1:48
B4 Health Surface 3:30
B5 Dry Weather 3:06
B6 Being True 2:04

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