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CHUMBAWAMBA - "Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records" (1986)

Leeds, England

Now before you start in with some tyrade about Tubthumper, I thought you should know a few things. First off, Chumbawamba never sold out. All the money they made from the sales of that afore mentioned record and it's hit single "Tubthumping" went to anarchist, green living, anti-automobile advocacy groups, and other positive, earth friendly causes. Which as far as I'm concerned, (sorry if this statement seems over used) is punk as fuck. Secondly, say what you will about the quality of that record, but back when (as in, when this record was released) Chumbawamba was fucking killer. This record is carefully thought out, very intelligent, and straight forward. They can also be silly at times, which I appreciate considering the serious tone of many of their lyrical themes. There will always be the comparisons to Crass, and as much as they are influenced by them, it really shows a lot more in their ethics and political alliances than song writing. Chumbawamba had (and still does) a sound that's really their own. Do yourself a favor and check out of this (sadly) often overlooked band.

A1 Prologue
A2 I. How to Get Your Band On Television
A3 II. British Colonialism and the BBC - Flickering Pictures Hypnotise
A4 III. Commercial Break
A5 IV. Unilever - How To Succeed In Business
B1 V. More Whitewashing
B2 VI. ...An Interlude: Beginning To Take It Back
B3 VII. Dutiful Servants And Political Masters
B4 VIII. Coca-Colonisation
B5 IX. ...And In A Nutshell "Food Aid Is Our Most Powerful Weapon" Reagan Administration, 1982
B6 X. Invasion

Recommended listening:
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Robert said...

A friend of mine and I used to joke about 'worst band names ever' and 'Chumbawamba' was often made reference to in these lists...

I didn't know about this album, or their political leanings -- I just sort of wrote them off; thanks for opening my eyes (although I still think it's a horrible name..ha).

Darb said...

Wow, I haven't heard this in forever. Only 6 minutes until!! Stoked. And many thanks. Go Interbot!!!