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WIRE - "154" (1979)

London, England

"By their third album, Wire scarcely resembled the band that a few years earlier had released Pink Flag. They had lost much of their rawness, but none of their edge, pushing into clanging, even chilling, electronic textures and oddly moving their catchiest melodies to the front of the mix, conceding to pop convention even as they perverted it. Of course, pop success was about the furthest thing from their minds, as evidenced by the sonic apocalypse of "A Touching Display" and the fractured synth chords of "On Returning", and the fact that they titled the album's lead single and most accessible song "Map Ref. 41 Degrees N 93 Degrees W". Incredibly, after the restless creativity that culminated in 154, the group claimed that they were fresh out of ideas and disbanded (albeit temporarily), ending one of the greatest three-year runs in rock history." -Joe Tangari

A1 I Should Have Known Better 3:52
A2 Two People in a Room 2:11
A3 The 15th 3:05
A4 The Other Window 2:08
A5 Single K.O. 2:24
A6 A Touching Display 6:57
A7 On Returning 2:07
B1 A Mutual Friend 4:28
B2 Blessed State 3:27
B3 Once Is Enough 3:23
B4 Map Ref. 41°N 93°W 3:40
B5 Indirect Enquiries 3:36
B6 40 Versions 3:28

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