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WIRE - "Chairs Missing" (1978)

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W1RE12XU said...

London, England

This is the second album by the legendary Wire. Released the following year of the their debut LP "Pink Flag", this album shows the group taking an already much more experimental route than their previous record. This is still familiar territory, but is far more refinded and is missing the "raw punk edge" featured in earlier Wire songs. This record is still abolsutely fantastic though. Highly recommended.

1 Practice Makes Perfect 4:05
2 French Film Blurred 2:33
3 Another the Letter 1:07
4 Men 2nd 1:41
5 Marooned 2:19
6 Sand in My Joints 1:49
7 Being Sucked in Again 3:10
8 Heartbeat 3:14
9 Mercy 5:44
10 Outdoor Miner 1:45
11 I Am the Fly 3:06
12 I Feel Mysterious Today 1:54
13 From the Nursery 2:57
14 Used To 2:16
15 Too Late 4:11

Bonus tracks:
16 Outdoor Miner 2:53
17 Question of Degree 3:09
18 Former Airline 3:20

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