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THE BOYS - "The Boys" (1977)


W1RE12XU said...

London, England

The Boys (along with Slaughter & the Dogs) are one of the most criminally underrated 77 punk bands. If you're into the Buzzcocks or the Ramones you'll absolutely love this band. "Soda Pressing" is one of my favorite songs from this entire era of music.

A1 Sick on You 2:06
A2 I Call Your Name 2:08
A3 Tumble With Me 1:56
A4 Tonight 1:25
A5 I Don't Care 2:27
A6 Soda Pressing 2:28
A7 No Money 1:47
B1 First Time 2:19
B2 Box Number 939 2:35
B3 Kiss Like a Nun 2:05
B4 Cop Cars 2:02
B5 Keep Running 1:45
B6 Tenement Kids 1:35
B7 Living in the City 2:09

The Boys @ Wikipedia

keith said...

thanks for uploading this. i looked everywhere for it a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for uploading this. I am currently listening to The Yobs so I am in the Boys spirit right now.