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RAPEMAN - "Two Nuns and a Pack Mule" (1988)

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W1RE12XU said...

Chicago, IL
Noise Rock

Steve Albini's post-Big Black, pre-Shellac project. Other members included David Sims and Rey Washam, both formerly of Scratch Acid. Following Rapeman's breakup, Sims reunited with former Scratch Acid frontman David Yow to form The Jesus Lizard.

This release also includes the "Budd" 12" EP from tracks 11-14.
1 Steak & Black Onions (2:47)
2 Monobrow (3:45)
3 Up Beat (2:15)
4 Coition Ignition Mission (2:23)
5 Kim Gordon's Panties (4:17)
6 Hated Chinee (2:01)
7 Radar Love Lizard (1:50)
8 Marmoset (2:12)
9 Just Got Paid (3:35)
10 Trouser Minnow (4:06)
11 Budd (7:29)
12 Superpussy (2:12)
13 Log Bass (2:23)
14 Dutch Courage (2:40)

Rapeman @ Wikipedia

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