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NEGATIVLAND - "Negativland" (1980)


W1RE12XU said...

Contra Costa County, CA
Plunderphonics/Experimental/Sound Collage

Every copy of NEGATIVLAND, whether LP or CD, features a completely original hand-made cut-and-paste front cover, mostly out of advertising images cut out of old magazines. 15,000 copies have been produced so far. The back cover text is the same on each LP copy, but is laid over different wallpaper samples. The CD issue comes in a 5X5" reel-to-reel tape box decorated with the above-mentioned design and several cardstock inserts, including one of several different recipe cards, and a SEAT BEE SATE button. There are no song titles on this release; tracks are only numbered (1-20).

Negativland @ Wikipedia

Anonymous said...

great fucking band. i've never been able to get my hands on U2. if you have it please post it.

miscetera said...

You can find the U2 tracks (from Negativland's "The Letter U and the Numberal 2") here: