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MINUTEMEN - "The Punch Line" (1981)

1 comment:

W1RE12XU said...

San Pedro, CA

These are the lyrics to the title track:

"I believe when they found the body of General George A. Custer quilled like a porcupine with Indian arrows, he didn't die with any honor, any dignity, nor any valor.
I wouldn't doubt when they found George A. Custer an American general patriot and Indian fighter, he died with shit in his pants."

You should love this album based on that alone.

A1 Search 0:51
A2 Tension 1:18
A3 Games 1:01
A4 Boiling 0:56
A5 Disguises 0:45
A6 The Struggle 0:40
A7 Monuments 0:48
A8 Ruins 0:49
A9 Issued 0:38
B1 The Punch Line 0:40
B2 Song for El Salvador 0:31
B3 History Lesson 0:37
B4 Fanatics 0:30
B5 No Parade 0:50
B6 Straight Jacket 0:58
B7 Gravity 0:55
B8 Warfare 0:54
B9 Static 0:50

Minutemen @ Wikipedia