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KLAUS SCHULZE - "Irrlicht" (1972)

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W1RE12XU said...

Berlin, Germany

In 1969, Klaus Schulze was the drummer of one of the early incarnations of Tangerine Dream for their debut album Electronic Meditation. In 1970 he left this group to form Ash Ra Tempel with Manuel Göttsching. In 1971, he chose again to leave a newly-formed group after only one album, this time to mount a solo career. In 1972, Schulze released his debut album Irrlicht with organ and a recording of an orchestra filtered almost beyond recognition. Despite the lack of synthesizers, this proto-ambient work is regarded as a milestone in electronic music.

A1 Satz Ebene 23:23
B1 Satz Gewitter 5:40
B2 Satz Exil Sils Maria 21:26

Klaus Schulze @ Wikipedia

Associated acts:
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ASH RA TEMPEL - "Ash Ra Tempel" (1971)

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