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GANG OF FOUR - "Entertainment!" (1979)

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W1RE12XU said...

Leeds, England
Post-Punk/New Wave

"Ether" – 3:52
"Natural's Not in It" – 3:09
"Not Great Men" – 3:08
"Damaged Goods" – 3:29
"Return the Gift" – 3:08
"Guns Before Butter" – 3:49
"I Found That Essence Rare" – 3:09
"Glass" – 2:32
"Contract" – 2:42
"At Home He's a Tourist" – 3:33
"5.45" – 3:48
"Anthrax" – 4:23

Reissue bonus tracks from "Yellow" EP*:
"Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time" – 3:27
"He'd Send in the Army" – 3:40
"It's Her Factory" – 3:08

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