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FAD GADGET - "Fireside Favourites" (1980)


W1RE12XU said...

Leeds, England
Synth Pop/Post-Punk

"Pedestrian – 3:20
"State of the Nation" – 3:48
"Salt Lake City Sunday" – 2:12
"Coitus Interruptus" – 4:39
"Fireside Favourite" – 4:31
"Newsreel" – 3:42
"Insecticide" – 3:09
"The Box" – 4:19
"Arch of the Aorta" – 6:17

Fad Gadget @ Wikipedia

Chris Noaro said...

Hi, thanks for uploading this great album, I used to own it on vinyl but lost it. I have just ordered the Fad Gadget 4-disc set and am a big fan of his material. Unfortunately this link doesn't appear to work. Is there any chance of it being fixed or the album re-loaded ?
Cheers anyway,