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X-RAY SPEX - "Germfree Adolescents" (1978)

London, England

Don't let those silly new waver outfits on the cover fool you, this is some good old raw '77 punk the way it's supposed to be. I hate to pigeonhole this band with other punk bands of the time just because of the female vocals, but... well, if you like the Avengers or X (but with a saxophone) then this is right up your alley. Unlike the previously mentioned groups, I feel like X-Ray Spex are terribly underrated and more or less forgotten about. "I Am a Poseur" is one of my favorite punk rock jams of the 70's.

A1 Art-I-Ficial 3:21
A2 Obsessed With You 2:26
A3 Warrior in Woolworths 3:04
A4 Let's Submerge 3:23
A5 I Can't Do Anything 2:55
A6 Identity 2:22
B1 Genetic Engineering 2:45
B2 I Live Off You 2:06
B3 I Am a Poseur 2:29
B4 Germfree Adolescents 3:09
B5 Plastic Bag 4:56
B6 The Day the World Turned Dayglo 2:50

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