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WIRE - "Pink Flag" (1977)

London, England

This is as close you can get to writing the perfect record, and in fact, it may be the perfect record. This is exactly what a punk record should be. Nobody, not even Wire themselves, could ever outshine this record in any way, shape, or form. I'm really not kidding even a little bit when I say this is the greatest record ever cut. Particular favorites include "Mannequin", "1 2 X U", "Three Girl Rhumba", "Brazil", and "Straight Line".

A1 Reuters 3:03
A2 Field Day for the Sundays 0:28
A3 Three Girl Rhumba 1:23
A4 Ex Lion Tamer 2:19
A5 Lowdown 2:26
A6 Start to Move 1:13
A7 Brazil 0:41
A8 It's So Obvious 0:53
A9 Surgeon's Girl 1:17
A10 Pink Flag 3:47
B1 The Commercial 0:49
B2 Straight Line 0:44
B3 106 Beats That 1:12
B4 Mr. Suit 1:25
B5 Strange 3:58
B6 Fragile 1:18
B7 Mannequin 2:37
B8 Different to Me 0:43
B9 Champs 1:46
B10 Feeling Called Love 1:22
B11 12 X U 1:55

PS - The name of this blog is taken from a song on this record. Do yourself a favor and find out which one.

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1 comment:

Elliot Knapp said...

It's an understatement to call this a classic album. Great stuff. Just reviewed this too on my music blog. Keep on rockin!