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WIPERS - "Is This Real?" (1980)

Portland, OR

Even with keeping Poison Idea in mind, Wipers are hands down the most amazing band to ever come out of Portland, OR, and one of the best the northwest has ever produced. While this record is definitely within the post-punk realm, it has a much more stripped down, raw approach, maintaining a familiararity with the straight forward punk rock at the time. Also, if you're familiar with Nirvana's catalogue, you'll recognize "D-7" and "Return of the Rat" off this record.

A1 Return of the Rat 2:43
A2 Mystery 1:51
A3 Up Front 3:09
A4 Let's Go Let's Go Away 1:52
A5 Is This Real? 2:41
A6 Tragedy 2:04
A7 Alien Boy 3:28
B1 D-7 4:08
B2 Potential Suicide 3:37
B3 Don't Know What I Am 2:59
B4 Window Shop for Love 3:03
B5 Wait a Minute 3:06

More from Wipers:
"Youth of America" (1981)
"Over the Edge" (1983)

Recommended listening:
MINUTEMEN - "The Punch Line" (1981)

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