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MISSION OF BURMA - "Vs." (1982)

Boston, MA

"Boston's finest art-punk trio-plus-tape-guy recorded just one studio full-length, and it's a massive legacy. Assessable not in tunes but in grinding velocity, it's texturally complex and high-energy. Roger Miller's guitar varies from hypnotic repetition on "Trem Two" to sounding like a power line flailing in a pool of rain, while the rhythmic noise divides into shards for Martin Swope's tape manipulations; Miller as vocalist is prone to outbursts and declamations, while Clint Conley sings with his vulnerabilities in barbed wire on his sleeve." -Chris Dahlen/Pitchfork

"It's daunting to imagine just how far Mission of Burma could have taken its music had Roger Miller's hearing problems not caused the band to break up the following year, but regardless of lost potential, very few American bands from the 1980s released an album as ambitious or as powerful as Vs., and it still sounds like a classic. Rykodisc's remastered 1997 reissue sounds terrific and adds four solid bonus tracks." -Mark Deming/Allmusic

A1 Secrets 3:20
A2 Train 3:28
A3 Trem Two 4:06
A4 New Nails 2:56
A5 Dead Pool 4:04
A6 Learn How 3:53
B1 Mica 3:34
B2 Weatherbox 3:25
B3 The Ballad of Johnny Burma 2:01
B4 Einstein's Day 4:32
B5 Fun World 3:39
B6 That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate

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