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GANG OF FOUR - "Solid Gold" (1981)

Leeds, England

Before Gang of Four turned into new wave garbage, there was first Entertainment! and then there was Solid Gold. The first, may have a harsher, more "explosive" sound (as many put it) but it's this record that I really get into. It's dissonant, jagged post-punk, with elements of reggae, funk, and almost at times (god forbid) disco. And nobody in the early British punk or post-punk scene has bass licks this killer. On top of all of that, are highly thoughtful and political themes ranging from social responsiblity, Marxism, and jabs at both England and America for all their many faults. It doesn't take a soap box, holier-than-thou, preachy attitude, but rather a "hey, this is what's wrong, let's do something about it, alright?" stance. This has been one of my favorites from this era for a long time. I greatly encourage you to check this out, as well as their debut LP.

A1 Paralysed 3:21
A2 What We All Want 4:56
A3 If I Could Keep It for Myself 4:08
A4 Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time 3:16
A5 Why Theory? 2:30
B1 Cheeseburger 4:04
B2 The Republic 3:20
B3 In the Ditch 4:19
B4 A Hole in the Wallet 4:01
B5 He'd Send in the Army 4:27

More from Gang of Four:
"Entertainment!" (1979)

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