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ALTERNATIVE TV - "The Image Has Cracked" (1978)

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W1RE12XU said...

London, England

Alternative TV was formed my Mark Perry, founder of Sniffin' Glue. Their first release was a flexi included with the final issue of his zine. This is "the first album by Alternative TV".

1 Alternatives (9:43)
2 Action Time Vision (2:32)
3 Why Don't You Do Me Right? (3:12)
4 Good Times (2:33)
5 Still Life (5:21)
6 Viva La Rock 'n' Roll (4:19)
7 Nasty Little Lonely (6:21)
8 Red (2:03)
9 Splitting In Two (5:12)

Reissue bonus tracks:
10 Love Lies Limp (3:07)
11 Life (2:08)
12 How Much Longer? (2:38)
13 You Bastard (1:22)
14 Another Coke (5:28)
15 Life After Life (2:11)
16 Life After Dub (2:41)
17 The Force Is Blind (3:47)
18 Lost In A Room (4:56)
19 How Much Longer? (Diff. Version) (2:38)
20 You Bastard (Diff. Version) (1:20)

Alternative TV @ Wikipedia