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ABWÄRTS - "Amok Koma" (1980)

Hamburg, (West) Germany

If you're into Wire, Gang of Four, krautrock or post-punk there really isn't any reason you shouldn't like this. Two early members of Abwärts left in the early 80's to join Berlin's Einstürzende Neubauten.

A1 Maschinenland (2:57)
A2 Karo 1/4 - 08/15 Hoch 2 (0:34)
A3 Monday On My Mind (2:38)
A4 Shanghai Stinker (2:45)
A5 Bel Ami (2:01)
A6 Verzählt (2:58)
A7 Softly, Softly (1:58)
B1 Unfall (4:00)
B2 Mehr (4:27)
B3 Türkenblues (3:52)
B4 Neon Kind (3:20)
B5 Ich Bin Stumm (2:16)
B6 Japan (Live) (3:52)

Associated acts:
EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN - "Kalte Sterne" (1981)

Recommended listening:
WIRE - "Pink Flag" (1977)
GANG OF FOUR - "Entertainment!" (1979)
FEHLFARBEN - "Monarchie und Alltag" (1980)

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